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Private your service!
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My private consultation practice covers the following 4 services;


  1. Numerology

  2. Energy Healing

  3. Spiritual Counselling & Guidance

  4. Past Life Readings


Mix & Match

You can mix & match however you wish, any private consultation time you book with me

is your personal time, we can spend the time exploring any/all of the above 4 areas,its

whatever meets your needs. My sole objective is to give you the maximum benefit in the

allotted time, so you get whatever answers, guidance, inspiration or healing you need.



The consultations can be either face to face or via telephone of video link, whatever you

prefer. I mostly do the face to face meetings in my home town of Doncaster, however I

can potentially travel if you’re unable to travel due to personal or health issues, subject to

travel and time expenses being paid in advance.



The minimum consultation is for 1 hour and the maximum is 4 hours.



My availability each week is as follows;


  • Daytime: Monday – Thursday between 10am – 2pm for any format (phone, video or face to face).

  • Evenings: Monday and Wednesday only between 7pm – 9pm for phone or video only.


Hourly Rates

1 hour session = £65.00

2 hour session = £110.00

3 hour session = £137.00

4 hour session = £155.00


All consultations fees are payable in advance. There will be concessions offered for those who are in need of healing/guidance but don't have the means to cover the rates, just ask when you enquire. 


Ongoing session discount

If you would like to book a series of sessions in advance or have a regular ongoing session with me (e.g. weekly/monthly) a discounted price will apply. Depending on your requirements, we’ll agree a rate at the outset that you can pay as you go or monthly to suit. Just specify in the notes if you would like to look at this option.


Services overview

Below is a detailed overview of each of the 4 services;

1. Numerology Consultations

Numerology Consltations

I would recommend a minimum of 2 hours for maximum benefit as I will be going very deep into your personal charts.


This is about you really understanding who you are and making subtle adjustments in your everyday life to raise your energy and vibration and make your life flow more harmoniously in tune with all your desires.


Personal report - prior to the consultation, I’ll send you a personal numerology report as this will form the basis of the consultation. During our time together, in conjunction with your report, I’ll go through 22 advanced aspects of your personal numerology, these are as follows;


  1. Your Life Path Number ~ This reveals your key traits (most influential number) for this lifetime.

  2. Your Birthday Number ~ This reveals your natural assets (and liabilities that you may need to work on!)

  3. Your Name Number ~ This reveals how you express yourself to the world and how any name changes affect you.

  4. Your Arrows ~ These are natural in-built strengths (that you probably think loads of people have, as they are so natural to you 😊).

  5. Your Colours ~ This reveals the colours which are harmonious to you and help raise your vibration.

  6. Your Natural Connections to the Elements (Feng Shui) ~ This will reveal if you have any missing elements and if so, the remedy’s (very simple).

  7. Your Romantic Compatibility with those around you ~ Find out who is naturally matched with you, who is compatibly matched with you and who is a challenge!!!

  8. Your Phone Number ~ Find out if it is in tune with you, does it enhance or hinder you?

  9. Your House Number ~ Is it (the energy) harmonious with the home environment you desire, if not I’ll show you how to change it, very simple (you don’t need to move or change the actual number 😊)

  10. Your Job Compatibility ~ We’ll look at if you’re on the right track with a position that matches your natural attributes and life path?

  11. Your Lucky Numbers ~ I’ll reveal these along with your lucky days & months.

  12. Your Maturity Number ~ This is about inner balance and will give you a better understanding of yourself in your latter years.

  13. Your Soul Urge ~ This will reveal what your soul longs to do (very important for inner peace & happiness)

  14. Your Affirmations Direction ~ Based on your life path, this will reveal the most advantageous direction to face to boost your affirmations.

  15. Your Personal Year ~ This will reveal in which year of the revolving 9 year cycle you’re in so you can understand how the energy affects you and plan accordingly.

  16. Your Personal Month ~ In conjunction with your personal year, this will help you understand how the energy of the individual month is affecting you, so you can work in harmony and plan/act accordingly.

  17. Your Health ~ I’ll reveal which mineral salts are in tune with your numbers, so you can boost your health.

  18. Your Crystals ~ I’ll reveal which crystals and precious stones are harmonious and will raise your vibration.

  19. The Individual Meaning of the Letters in Your Name ~ I’ll give you the key traits for each letter in your name (this is powerful!).

  20. Your Karmic Lessons ~ I’ll reveal the lessons from previous lifetimes you still need to learn (just think of it as unfinished business).

  21. Your Name Count ~ This will reveal additional traits based on the number of letters in your full name.

  22. Your Challenge number ~ I’ll reveal any challenges you need to overcome to teach you something useful and help you grow as a person.


Are you in business? - If you’re a business owner, I’ll also look at the numerology around your business to see if it’s in harmony with you, I’ll also give you suggestions where appropriate.


Recommended actions – as we progress through it, I’ll give you recommended actions (as they arise) for you to integrate into your life to enhance your energy and well-being.


Q & A – you’ll have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like during the session.

2. Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Do you have a physical, emotional or psychological condition or issue that needs healing?


Using my spirit guides, I’ll send pure universal healing energy to the core of the problem/issue to dissipate the disrupted energy causing the problem/issue. As the disrupted energy starts to dissipate, the natural healthy state will start to be restored.


How can it be that simple?

Its important to understand that everything in the universe is simply energy in a certain state of vibration and what we perceive as pain or a problem is simply a disruption in the natural energy flow around the body's energy systems.


Theoretically, every condition whether physical, emotional or psychological can be resolved by re-balancing the body’s corresponding natural energy system, so the energy once again flows harmoniously.


Think of it this way, when the natural energy systems in your body are all in harmony, everything is at ease. When there is a disruption, you get dis-ease, now you know where the word is derived from.


Of course, you can treat a problem through the conventional method of chemical ingestion (pharmaceutical pills) or even surgery. With energy healing, there’s no downside, it’s completely non-invasive, there are no side effects and you don’t actually need to be in the same location as the healer (as distance healing is just as effective). However, I still highly recommend we do this one in person if it’s practical for you to do so as the psychological effect or being in each others presence, amplifies the healing taking place.


I can’t guarantee the outcome (I’m not naïve or arrogant enough to make any claims) but what I wholeheartedly promise you, is that I will use my guides to channel powerful universal healing energy through me to the root of the problem to give you the very best healing session within my power.


You’re likely to perceive the healing as a physical stirring of energies within you and a perhaps a feeling of a release/burden.

3. Spiritual Counselling & Guidance

Spiritual Counselling & Guidance

Are you…


…feeling a little lost on your spiritual journey and looking for meaning?

…looking for answers to the bigger questions (what’s my soul purpose? When will I meet him/her?)?

…wanting to connect with your spirit guides and/or develop your spirituality?


Did you know, the whole reason you came here (earth) with eagerness believe it or not, was to take on a series of challenges as the experience of overcoming these challenges, would help you soul to grow and evolve?


Of course, nobody gives you a rule book to explain what life is really all about, so you can get the best out of it, wouldn’t that have been nice!!


After lots of well-meaning nurturing and guidance from our parents, we all pretty much then have to figure it out for ourselves and its usually when we get to around the 40’s and 50’s we instinctively start to feel there’s something intangible that’s missing. That’s usually when the spiritual journey starts as you begin to yearn for that inner peace and fulfilment but aren’t really sure how to get it.


So, whether you’re a little stuck right now, not quite sure where your life’s heading or you simply want to develop your spirituality and raise your vibration, here’s an opportunity for some professional support and divine guidance to help you get important answers and guidance to create a more fulfilling and rewarding life.


Using my spirit guides along with my spiritual knowledge and awareness, I’ll help you get the answers you’re looking for whilst nurturing and guiding you towards the path that is right for your soul growth and your spiritual well-being.

Prior to the consultation, I simply recommend you write a list of the questions (no such thing as a bad question, its whatever is personal to you) you seek answers to, so you can get the most value from it.

4. Past Life Readings

Past Life readings

Would you…


   …like to know who you were in a past life/lives?

   …like to know about a loved one who has passed to spirit?

   …perhaps like to understand why certain things keep reoccurring and discover if you’re carrying any trauma from a                   previous life?


Through my guides I am able to access the Akashic records in spirit and give you answers regarding your past lives. In a nutshell, the Akashic records contain everything (words, thoughts, actions) you’ve ever done on planet earth in every lifetime you’ve had. Think of it as an energetic memory bank for humanity, it’s all recorded there.


How it works

You ask the question and within a few seconds my guides will show me corresponding images and relay information direct to me, so I can give you the answers you are looking for. You may want to know such things as;


  • How many lives you’ve had so far on (the reincarnation cycle of) planet earth?

  • What karma have you brought through in this life?

  • How many lives you have left as things stand (n.b. once your soul has evolved to a certain point, you can move on)?

  • Where do you originally come from (prior to choosing to come to earth)?

  • Have you had previous lives with your current family members?

  • What are your family members (who have passed to spirit) doing?

  • What are your pets (who have passed to spirit) doing?


You may ask whatever is important to you, it’s your time.

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