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Are you ready to learn more about the POWER of numerology and be able to use it practically? 

We've created 2 numerology based courses, one to teach you how to do readings for others and the other to help spot potential trauma and help the person get the healing they need (aimed at healers & therapists).


There's a snapshot of each one below with link to full details if you want to know more... 

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1. Mini Numerologist Course 
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Are You Ready To Become A Numerologist and Do Readings For Family & Friends, Perhaps Even Professionally? 

We'll teach you how to do exactly what we do in our professional readings! 

David & myself have been doing professional numerology readings since 2017 up and down the country at Mind, Body & Spirit (MBS) shows.  

During readings, we go through 7 elements of a person's core numerology and tell them all about themselves and give them a physical report to take away with all the information in it.


Using tutorial videos and a guidebook we'll teach you how to do exactly what we do and give you all the tools you need. 


So whether its doing it for your family & friends and discovering who they really are, or doing it professionally (its just takes a bit of practise), these 'decoding' skills will help you see and understand the real person as their numbers don't lie ...

2. Numerologist Healing Programme (for Healers/Therapists)
Healing Pack workbook cover.png

Learn How To Really Understand Your Client And Spot Any Potential Deep-Seated Trauma/Abuse.

Imagine being able to uncover and heal any deep-seated trauma issues and literally change a client’s life?


It may surprise you to know that many deep-seated problems can be detected through numerology! There are certain combinations of numbers and letters within certain dates of birth and names that make people very susceptible to abuse in childhood. I have spotted these patterns through many years of study, sadly there is far more unresolved abuse issues than we’d all like to believe.


As a healer you’ll know that if a deep-seated issue isn’t resolved, the person can carry the problem and associated suffering their whole life. With this healing programme, I want to teach you numerology based skills to enable you to spot clients with a high susceptibility of unhealed trauma from abuse, so you can open the door to the necessary healing the client needs.

If you would like to know more, click the button below and it will take you to our health & wellbeing website called Vibrant Health where you can read the full programme details and how to access it.

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