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'Enhance Your Life with the Hidden
Power of Numerology' 

You'll see below that I've given you a good overview of what numerology is and its multiple benefits. However, If you just want go and grab your copy of the 29-page educational guide straightaway, scroll to the bottom and enter your details for immediate access.  

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What is Numerology all about?

Did you know… that hidden in your name and date of birth is the complete blueprint of your life, your character traits and your vast potential?


Now that’s quite a big statement to make, let me explain…


You could be forgiven for thinking that your date of birth is completely random and that your name is simply what your parents chose, seems very logical, right?


Technically, your parents did name you…


However, the truth is, you specifically (from spirit) chose your current life along with your full name and date of birth as they both energetically reflect the person you wanted to be and the associated path you wanted to pursue during this lifetime.


Is that possible?


That’s how it works! Now of course, you won’t remember any of this choosing as you actually made the choices prior to your birth from the spirit world,. Stay with me if this all sounds a little bit ‘out there’ and weird, it will start to make sense I promise.


Right now, you’re probably thinking (like most people) …if I actually had the choice I’m sure I would have chosen something much better than this current life, right?


The human in you would probably argue that you’d have chosen another body and path like that of a film star or perhaps a hot famous model, and why not? As let’s face it, life can be challenging at times.


Your soul knows best!


It was your very wise and loving soul that chose that very body you’re living in right now along with this lifetime you’re currently experiencing.


Of course, your sole made these choices from a much higher spiritual awareness, as it knows what’s best for your soul growth during this human lifetime.

Important side notes:

i) Once you fully accept this is how it works, you can never really play ‘the victim’ when life gets tough, as you come to realise that you purposely chose all the challenging circumstances of your life (you did!) to help your soul evolve.


ii) Now I don’t say this to be flippant or judgmental, quite the contrary, I say that because it represents a high level of spiritual maturity and understanding. Think about it, it’s quite liberating when you fully accept it!


iii) This is why you should never compare yourself to other people, as we’re all on individually chosen paths with a specific missions and individual lessons to learn. Remember…you’re very unique, just like everyone else 😉


Let’s change up a gear…


Do you remember the old physics lessons where they taught us that everything in the universe is just energy in a certain state of vibration (measured as frequency)?


That body you’re in or that screen you’re currently looking at are not actually physical. Yes, they appear physical to your senses, but they are both just energy vibrating at a certain frequency.


Now, do you remember how we measure and quantify anything scientifically?


With numbers and letters of course!


Now here’s the important bit…



Each number 1 – 9 and letters A – Z all carry different individual energies, they are real (remember everything is energy). Anything that is named or numbered takes on the vibration of the corresponding numbers and letters.


For example, your house will have on a certain energy dependent on the number/name, change the number/name and you change the energy. Ever noticed how some houses just feel right and others don’t? This is the reason, they have their own energy which interacts with yours.


What does your name and date of birth contain?


You got it…numbers and letters 😊!


So, drum roll…


The total set of characters in your full name and date of birth represent a combination of energies (vibrations) that make up who you are and what you came to do in this lifetime.


To go a little bit deeper… each individual character is basically an energetic symbol which is encoded with many layers of information (traits, talents, strengths, weaknesses) and the real you and your life’s blueprint is simply a blend of all these individual character energies combined!


You need to trust me on this until you’ve had a chance to decode your own numbers and letters in your name and date of birth and discover that they know you inside out as they are you!


There’s no hiding place!


Here’s the really good bit…


Once you’ve discovered all about yourself, you could very quickly know a vast amount of hidden information about anybody else on the planet if you have their name and date birth.


Just imagine for a moment, if you had a potential romantic partner on the horizon or say a prospective employee, how useful this information could be!!!

All you need to do is learn how to decode each letter and number and then nobody can hide their true selves from you (let’s face it, we all put on a front to a degree)!


Numbers and letters don’t lie (just people sometimes 😉)!


Welcome to the science of Numerology.


As a master numerologist, here’s what I can tell you about yourself within minutes of receiving your full name and date of birth;

  • The hidden strengths encoded in your birth chart.

  • Your natural talents and how to make the best use of them.

  • The important life lessons you're here to learn in this lifetime.

  • Your deepest inner desire (soul urge) and how to fulfill it if  

  • The most suitable professions to suit your energy, traits and skills

  • How to recognise favourable opportunities in your life!

  • The challenges you were born with and how to overcome them

  • If you are naturally matched (energetically) with your partner.

  • How to bring more love, joy and understanding into your romantic relationships

      (…or help you to find love).

  • Which colours (in your clothes and your surroundings) will raise your energy and make you feel better

  • Which adornments (jewelry and crystals) will raise your energy

  • If your house number is in tune with your current circumstances (and how to change to a more harmonious energy within minutes, without moving to a new house)

  • The significance of the day of the month you were born

  • Your lucky numbers, days and dates (helps you to know when to do certain tasks).

  • What your soul longs to do and if you’re doing it (very important for your wellbeing).

  • The best hotel room to stay in depending on the purpose of your stay (e.g. romance, business, want to get pregnant!).

  • How you resonate with the natural elements and the remedies if you have any missing, this will help you raise your vibration.

  • How to bring more prosperity into your life (takes 3 minutes).

  • If your telephone number is helping or hindering you.

                                                                                                        …and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

In fact, you could do all this with your friends and family, if you had a basic understanding of numerology and that’s what I’d like to give you 😊.


My complimentary gifts to you.


As a thank you for dropping by the website I've created a 29-page educational guide called ‘Enhance Your Life with the Hidden Power of Numerology’ so you can really understand who you are, what numerology is and how to use it to your advantage and enhance your life.


Just click here or on the image for instant access. I just know you’ll love it, even if you just read the bit on bringing more prosperity into your life, everybody reads that bit 😊.

As a bonus, I'd also like to give you our numerology prosperity guide so you can you use numerology as a practical tool to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life. 5 easy steps (very simple 😊), just click on the guide image below for instant access.

I sincerely hope you find lots of useful resources and beneficial information with both guides.


With sincere love & blessings,

Stephen Kirkbride

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