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Personal Numerology Reports
Are you ready to discover all your key numbers and what they mean?

What you get with a personalised numerology report

Get Your Own ~ Personal Numerology Report 

This comprehensive 13 – 15 page report will help you to better understand who you really are with regards to your unique strengths, weaknesses, deep inner needs and emotions. It will help you gain new insights into your character and personality—in a powerful and new and inspiring way.


Many people are astonished at the accuracy and how it could possibly know them so well, it’s as though someone has been inside their head, but it’s simply their numbers decoded into a coherent format.


A favourite saying of mine, ‘numbers don’t lie, people do (sometimes) 😉!’


The report is based on your birth date, birth name and current name. Your birth date and birth name describe the characteristics and abilities with which you were born. The current name (if different) describes the changes in those characteristics and abilities which occurred after you started to use your new name.

How do I do it?

I teamed up with the late Matthew Oliver Goodwin, a renowned and brilliant numerologist who devised an advanced integrated system, to create beautiful, high quality and accurate reports. As my time is limited doing personal one-to-one readings, this system allows me to create high quality reports and deliver them within a day or two, to anywhere in the world via digital means. 

Here’s what your report will reveal about you;


  • Overview of YOU - this is a combination of all your key numbers and their respective characters traits condensed into a paragraph or two. Anybody reading it should instantly recognise it as you, as it contains your most dominant traits.


  • Your Life Path Number - based on your date of birth, this number is your most influential and acts as a blueprint for your whole life. Your Life Path number greatly influences your personality and the opportunities and challenges you will face during your lifetime.


  • Your Soul Urge Number - this is what your soul longs to do and is often the reason behind the choices you make in all aspects of your life, from your career to your relationships.


  • Your Birthday Number - based on the day of the month you were born; your birthday number reveals your natural assets that make you who you are. It also reveals your liabilities (things you may need to work on) which tend to reduce as you get older and wiser 😊.


  • Your Expression Number - this number, derived from your name is how you express yourself to the world. It is often referred to as the destiny number, as this number is the foundation on which your life path can flourish.


  • Your Karmic Lessons - these are lessons from previous lifetimes you still need to learn. Think of them as unfinished business and that you’ll be presented with circumstances in this lifetime to help you learn them.


  • Your Intensity Points this is the focus of your natural power when expressed, it can help lead you to a more exciting and fulfilling life.


  • Your Challenge Number – a challenge should be perceived as obstacles you need to overcome to teach you something useful and help you grow as a person. Your challenge number is orientated around showing you how to make your life better.


  • Maturity Number - this aims to provide you with better understanding of yourself in your later years. Understanding and adhering to the principles provided by this number will help bring more harmony and inner balance into your life.


  • Your Pinnacle Cycle – your have 4 cycles during your lifetime called pinnacles. Each cycle represents a particular lesson you are working on at any given time. Your pinnacle number shows which cycle you are currently in.


  • Your Personal Year – you are on a continually revolving cycle of personal years between 1 – 9. Each cycle has certain energies and favourable characteristics which influence the world and opportunities around you. When you understand your current personal year, you can work more in harmony with these energies to create more favourable outcomes and opportunities.

Would you like to see a sample report?

To give you a sample of how the report looks and how the information is presented, just click on the link below and you can view my own personal report.

Personal Numerology Report for

Stephen William Kirkbride

wanna see mine
Order your own personalised numerology report for £33.00
Personal numerology report

Are You Ready to Discover Your Hidden Strengths & Talents and How to Make the Best Use of Them?



  • Gain a new insight into your character & personality.

  • Uncover the important lessons you're here to learn.

  • Discover your inner desires and how to fulfil them.

  • Recognise favourable opportunities in your life.

  • Reveals all 7 of your core numbers in-depth.

FREEBIE ~ Complimentary Bonus Report (Value £20.00)


When you purchase your personalised report, we'll also send you a complimentary yearly report to help you understand the energies around you in the next 2 years ahead.

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