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Personal Yearly Reports
Do you want to know what challenges and opportunities you’ll face in the next 12 months?

What You Get with a Yearly Numerology Report

Get Your Own ~ Personal Yearly Report 

At various times in your life, you’ve probably experienced days when everything just seems to flow effortlessly, and you got some very favourable outcomes and feel wonderful, yes?


At other times, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the feeling that hardly anything is going right and its’ just not happening for you, no matter how hard you try!


Why does that happen, I hear you ask?


By now, you’re probably aware that you are in effect a blend of letters (your name) and numbers (your date of birth) which combine to give you a specific energetic frequency.


And of course, each day also has a set of numbers (the date) which combine to create a specific energetic frequency.


Now, whether you’re conscious of it or not, your personal energy and the energy of each day interact!


Here’s the key part…


Some days are naturally conducive for certain activities and some are not.


E.g. some days are naturally good for romance and others not so good, so if you we’re lining up a hot first date, it would make sense to pick a day when your energy is naturally in tune with romance, if you were armed with the right information!


Being a numerologist, I will only deal with my financial affairs when the energy is good for it. I would never make an important financial decision on a day when the date is not conducive to my energy.


By using the science of numerology, you can now recognise the specific influences and opportunities in your life at any given time.


You can determine—in advance—the times of greatest opportunity and you can also foresee difficulties and the areas in which they’re likely to happen.


Numerology doesn’t actually give you the ability to foretell the future. It does, however, give you the ability to see and analyse many of the coming influences and opportunities before they occur.


This allows you to maximise the positive potential as well as to prepare beforehand for problems that may be developing.


The yearly report describes the influences and opportunities you can expect in your life during the next 12 months. It also includes suggestions for resolving any difficulties as well as for making the best use of the coming opportunities.


How do I create your yearly report?


I teamed up with the late Matthew Oliver Goodwin, a renowned and brilliant numerologist who devised an advanced integrated system, to create beautiful, high quality and accurate reports. As my time is limited doing personal one-to-one readings, this system allows me to create high quality reports and deliver them within a day or two, to anywhere in the world via digital means. 

Here’s what your report will reveal about you;


> Your Personal Year number and summary - this will explain the key influences of the calendar year(s) that are specific to you in the next 12 months, known as your personal year(s). We are all in a continual 9-year cycle which relates to the calendar year that we’re in at any given time based on your day and month of birth. Each year of this cycle has a specific energy and influence on you, so when you’re aware of your personal year energy, you can work with it to make your life flow more effortlessly.


> Your Special Focus for the year – based on your personal year and your natural attributes, this will help you get the most out of the next 12 months by highlighting where and how to focus your energy to get the most out of it.

> Your Essence number and summary - where personal year cycles relate more to circumstances around you, offering you opportunities as well as challenges to which you respond, your essence number(s) reveals your state of mind, where you're at on your path, what you want and what motivates you.


> Monthly Highlight summary - this is a snapshot of what you can expect in the next 12 months.


> Your Personal Month number - this will reveal the underlying energy of each individual month (for the next 12 months) in relation to you. You can use this knowledge to work in harmony with it.  

> Individual Monthly Highlights – this is the main part of the report where you’ll get a detailed summary for each of the next 12 months and all the key influences on you. It could relate to romance, your profession, business or relationships in general, whatever is revealed will come with guidance (usually with dates) on whether it’s time to act, rest, create, or intuit. When you work with these underlying energies, once you become aware of them, you will always be in the flow of your life 😊.

Would you like to see a sample report?

To give you a sample of how the report looks and how the information is presented, just click on the link below and you can view my own personal report.

Personal Yearly Report for 

Stephen William Kirkbride

wanna see mine
Get a Personalised Yearly Report for FREE (as a bonus)
Yearly numerology report

Are You Ready to Discover What the Next 12 Months Has in Store For You?



  • Understand the main influencing energy around you.

  • When the energy is conducive to really go for what you want.

  • When to lie low and not do certain activities.

  • How to plan for maximum productivity and potential success.

  • Your very own energetic crystal ball 😊

FREE ~ Its complimentary as we will automatically send you a yearly report when you purchase a personal numerology report 😊.

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