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Are you ready for some much needed self care in 2020?

YES! Then I've got just the workshop for you...

'Simple Habits to Supercharge Your Health & Make You Feel Wonderful in 2020!'

We all know that fast paced, modern living is not very conducive to good health as stress levels are higher than ever and lots of naughty habits have crept in with most of us!


We're only human after all, but it can become a problem if left unchecked...  


You've only got to look at the current issues with doctor’s surgeries and the NHS. They’re bursting at the seams, because as a nation we’re getting sicker!

Just look at this image of the Daily Mail front page headline from 28th Dec 2019 >>

We seem to have forgotten what we are!

By that I'm referring to our physical status, we're all born as beautiful high vibrational beings in total harmony with mother earth.

That's why we're all drawn to new born babies as they resonate the purity and high vibration of the soul that we all instinctively recognise. 

We're supposed to radiate vibrant health and naturally feel good throughout our lives! The most healthy people on the planet are arguably the various indigenous people as they live in tune with mother nature and away from the stress and strains of modern living.

Now I'm not suggesting we all go and live in the jungle 😊 just simply change a few habits that will nourish your mind and body.  

I want to make you naturally FEEL GOOD!


Just by adopting a few simple habits that are in tune with your natural state of being, is the key to vibrant health and more importantly to feeling wonderful.


Feeling good is very important indeed, when you feel good, you radiate positive energy, feel more energised and look sexier (and let's be honest, we all want that 😉)!


Life flows much easier when you feel good, its basically the law of attraction at work as you're feeling energised, you're putting out more positive energy into the universe.

So my ultimate objective is to make you feel good by encouraging you to adopt some simple healthy habits that will significantly enhance your health and well-being. 

Here's what the attendees thought of the previous workshop myself and David ran on 2nd February in Doncaster....

welcome pic_small.jpg
Daily Mail 281219.jpg

"Absolutely loved every minute" Lisa B - Doncaster

"Wonderful day, very easy to follow, looking forward to trying everything discussed"  Gerri M - Rotherham

"Loved the day, lots of easy things to do" Sue S - Doncaster

"Learned so much in a fun and inspiring setting, the day helped me see what I need to improve my health and well-being" Treena - S Yorkshire

 Next...Vibrant Health Workshop ~ TBA shortly 

Here's a quick video and written snapshot below of what we'll teach you during the next workshop











   We'll teach you....

  • Why you should stop counting calories and ditch those bathroom scales (they're actually counter-productive).


  • How to knock 7 years off your facial age and feel ecstatic while you’re doing it (clinically proven…the whole room will giggle when we disclose it).


  • How an everyday device (less than a tenner) will stop you ever putting weight on again.


  • Why a healthy gut is essential to good health and the recommended foods to achieve it…. (plus, the magic ingredient [now in every supermarket] that I personally consume and highly recommend).


  • The first thing you should do everyday to raise your energy and feel alive (it’s not cold showers btw…although they are highly recommended 😊).


  • Why you don’t need all those expensive face creams and hair products (that’s just commercialism) and how to create the desired effect for ‘peanuts’.


  • A list of highly recommended foods in your diet and what positive aspects they have on your health and well-being.


  • A set of simple habits that will energise and nourish your body and mind…(we use these every day and highly recommend you should too).


…and much more!

Plus… you’ll receive a copy of all the recommendations/habits that we give you for your ongoing reference, so you don't have to remember it.


Bonus 1....and we'll also give you a 2020 numerology personal report (value £14.95) to help you navigate and get more out of the year ahead.

Bonus 2....and well throw in a numerology prosperity guide (value £??? you decide) to help you attract more prosperity and abundance into your life (very simple, we'll also cover this during the workshop).

Your investment for the whole workshop is just £33.00

You can secure your seat at the next event with a deposit of £11.00 and pay the balance on the day. 

You'll find all the workshop and booking details below once known.

If you want to make 2020 the year of self care, create vibrant health and feel wonderful, I urge to come along. I sincerely look forward to seeing you there.

Love & blessings

Stephen Kirkbride

Bonus 1

Yearly numerology report

Bonus 2

Prosperity Guide image.png

Workshop Details

Investment: £33.00

Date:            To be announced








Workshop booking form

To secure your workshop place now, just select deposit or full payment below and hit the buy now button.


N.b. There's a special bonus for full payment.

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