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To all, healerstherapists, counsellorspractitioners...

...Would You Like The Tools & Skills To Spot

If A Client Has Any 'Potential' Deep-Seated

Trauma, Before They Even Walk In The Door?

This is a pretty unique skill btw...but much simpler than it may first appear!


So, if the above title resonates with you and the thought of having access to that sort of knowledge, either intrigues or excites you...


Can I please have your undivided attention for the next 15 minutes?


Before you answer that though, 

I want you to imagine...


The positive impact this could have on a client's life if you had the ability to just open the door (that's all you need to do) to any suppressed trauma, so they can get the appropriate healing they (deep down) desperately need.

It could potentially be life-changing and liberating for your client.... and incredibly rewarding for you as the instigator!

Not only that....


You will also have the ability to know a huge amount of information about any and every client, before they even walk in the door (its easier than you think 😊)!


It would be like you already know them and how best to deal with them, even though you have never met them before.


So, the key question I want you to answer....


Would these type of skills/tools be useful to your healing/therapy practise?


If the answer is YES....


You might want to put the kettle and get comfortable,

as this will take me 15 minutes to explain.

You're still with me 😊!


Thank you, I appreciate you giving me your let's get into it.


I sincerely believe this is groundbreaking information, but I'll let you judge that for yourself, once you fully understand what I do, how I discovered this method and how it has multiple potential benefits for you.

Quick overview...

I've made what I believe is a profound discovery through my numerology practice, that has the potential to uncover a lot of deep-seated trauma from childhood abuse.

I'm talking about trauma that has been suppressed away and adversely affected someones life ever since. 

So, what I'm looking for are healers, therapists, counsellors & practitioners (who operate any type of therapy practice to help, treat and heal clients) who would like the skills/tools to spot this potential trauma, without the client even being aware.


And just as important, initiate the road to recovery if they do have it (you only need to open the door), so they can get the appropriate help/treatment, to properly deal with it.


The tools and skills I want to offer you, will have some big advantages for your practice, as I'll explain a little further on.

A problem shared, is a problem

halved, as they say....

Just to clarify, this isn't about healing clients unless you have the skills and qualifications to do so.


Its simply about spotting the potential for deep-seated trauma/issues (I'll teach you how) and then opening the door for them to get the healing they need.

I know from personal consulting experience, that when clients are given the right opportunity to open up, there is an impulse and instinct that compels them to finally 'spill the beans' and start the healing journey.

Subconsciously, they want to let it out, but it is a very big step indeed to do it under their own volition.

But in the company of a professional practitioner in a professional setting (during a consultation or treatment), the environment is ideal to allow them to open up...when it is approached in the right way, which I'll explain shortly.

Let me give you some substance and

validity on this discovery


Although the discovery is related to my work as a numerologist (you can see the numerology website here) if also felt appropriate to have it on this site as its related to health & well-being.  

I’ll now take you through the whole journey from how I discovered the ground-breaking information, to the practical application of it.

I’ll show you how you can do it, just by reading a few charts and following a simple process I've put together for you.

N.b. numerology is the science of encoding the vast amount of information contained in peoples names & date of birth.

After encoding the information, I tell people all about themselves and their hidden talents, traits, strengths, weaknesses etc, its generally all good fun and very revealing.

It all started in 2018...

Whilst working with numerology, I made what I sincerely believe was a startling discovery.

To put it succinctly…

​I spotted a numerical connection between certain combinations of numbers in peoples personal numerology charts and childhood abuse (i.e. sexual, psychological, suicidal tendency etc).

The discovery first came to light amongst a handful of numerology readings where the key numbers and the corresponding issues were all very similar.

I was stunned!


It did cross my mind that perhaps it could all just be a coincidence. 

So I needed to rule out coincidence and get further validation that I was onto something. Time for me to go into full-on research mode.

​Over the next couple of months, I just researched and researched online to see if I could substantiate these findings.

To do this, I needed to find people who had admitted to having suffered childhood abuse, rape, suicide attempts etc, and also be able to obtain their names & dates of birth, to run the test.

Thanks to google, the research was

far easier than I anticipated.

I diligently went through each case study I could find and sure enough, a specific set of number combinations (all based around 3 numbers) consistently appeared.

Not all of them had these combinations, but the vast majority did. I could see the same patterns emerging time after time.

It got to the point where I could actually read about someones troubles and accurately predict their key numbers (in their personal numerology chart).

Not only that, there was also a distinct correlation between the strength of the number combinations, and the severity of the abuse suffered.

I keep checking and double checking, YEP, absolutely no question in my mind...


The 'potential' for being abused, significantly

increases with specific numbers in

personal numerology charts!


My heart was racing, I knew I was onto something very powerful! 

Now I needed to test it in the real world. 


I needed to find people with these number combinations and ask them directly (professionally and tactfully) if they’d experienced any childhood trauma or abuse.

So, over the following 6 months at various mind, body & spirit shows, myself and David (he’s my assistant btw, he works out the numbers, I give the readings) were looking out for these number combinations.

During this period, I anticipate we did a couple of hundreds private readings and in the region of 9% (1 in 11) of them, had the specific combinations (in varying degrees) of numbers that indicated 'potential for abuse'.

Time to ask them indirectly if they'd

suffered childhood abuse?​

Once we'd established someone had the specific number combinations, I would make sure we were in good rapport and then ask them, in a 'matter-of-fact' way.

I felt it was very important to ask in a low-key manner so it was more like a friendly chat and they didn't feel like they were being interrogated.

I would say something like this…

"These numbers in your chart can often relate to problems and abuse in childhood, now I don't know if that applies to you, I just wanted to make you aware"

It was a simple as that, just by bringing it up, everybody instinctively answered a YES or NO.

It was more of a statement than a question, but everyone answers it as a question, which is exactly what I wanted so I could help them if it was a yes. 

The low key, indirect approach

worked very well indeed.

Many have confirmed a difficult childhood but sat they didn't suffer abuse, however there was a distinct number of people that did confirm that they were abused in childhood.

Some people had fully healed from it, whilst others we're still carrying the pain and burden, these are the people I want to identity and help.

Every show we then did and continue to do, just gives us further validation!

I sincerely believe this is powerful information that can be used in a very positive way to potentially heal large numbers of people, who have been burdened with trauma and still carry it to this day.


These are people who may never open up without some sort of prompting.


This may be due to shame, guilt, low self-esteem or they simply don't know how and keep on suppressing it.


Does this resonate with you?

Just imagine the collective good we could do for humanity, through a network of health and well-being related professionals, using this technology?

With the potential to release and heal so much suppressed trauma, I'm sure you can understand why I'm so passionate about this information being put to good use, on a bigger scale!

So, how big is the problem?

OK, let’s have a stark reality check…

There are countless souls walking around with deeply suppressed trauma from physical and psychological childhood abuse, whose lives have been negatively impacted ever since.

It's more prevalent than people realise and happened in many families, including my own, hence I have a very strong desire to heal on a big scale.


A lot of it happened in the 60's, 70's & 80's meaning a lot of the victims are now circa middle age.


This is the demographic that I’ve come across the most regarding issues of childhood abuse.

Huge numbers of victims have suffered in desperate silence their entire lives.


This bit is absolutely crucial to understand…

The reason why so many abuse victims suffer in silence is because their personalities (as you’ll see further down) tend to be introverted.


Add their insecurity and eroded self esteem into the mix, and they are the type of personalities that just don't want to cause a fuss.


They secretly long to end of the suffering but have lived with it and suppressed it for so long, they don’t how to approach the subject and are very scared or ashamed to bring it up.

Sadly, it’s just easier for them to keep the status quo and try and make the best of their lives, UNTIL NOW!

The really good news from my experience, as I previously mentioned, is that many victims will open up if given the opportunity, in the right circumstances.

This technology has the potential to make invisible trauma, visible and give you the opportunity to end the suffering and give someone their life back. 

I can give you the keys, I need

you to unlock the door!

I hope you like the metaphor above 😊, it seems appropriate...

If you want to come with me on this campaign and help initiate the healing process for any client that you discover is secretly suffering with trauma, I will teach you the skills and give you the key to the door...


All you need to do is open the door(s) when the opportunity is presented, so we can help these beautiful souls, get the healing they really need.

You're job (just to reiterate) is spot if they are potentially high risk and give them the opportunity to open up...simple as that. 

From there, the door is wide open to initiate the appropriate healing process for the client.

The knowledge and skills I want to teach you are purely for ‘opening the door’ to the underlying issue.

What happens next is down to

your personal judgement.


I’ll you find someone who is potentially high risk and they open and confirm trauma/abuse etc, I'll leave it with your professional judgement to then help/guide/steer them, towards the appropriate help/process.


This is obviously just the beginning of the healing process, but nevertheless, a monumental step for them.


If you have the skills and qualifications to help heal them yourself, that's even better. Otherwise, its simply about helping them take the next step towards the appropriate healing process.   

In a nutshell, this is about one caring human being having the skills to spot a deep-seated problem in another human being and then helping them to get healed.

What a difference this could make to someones life, from that moment forward!

How wonderful would it be to heal just 1 person?

Wonderful for them to offload all the pain and suffering 😊, wonderful for you to be the instigator ( how good would you feel 😊?) and wonderful for me to know another beautiful soul has been helped & healed 😊!

Here’s why I need your help!

Although I do some healing myself, I can only help the people who cross my path.

If I had a magic wand, I would of course, heal everybody on the planet with one wave of the wand, just like you would 😊.

Until I get that wand, I’m looking to leverage the existing healing, counselling, spiritual and therapy networks to run with this knowledge, so together we can help larger numbers of beautiful souls get the healing they really need.

So, what I’m looking for is good hearted healers, counsellors, complementary therapists, practitioners et al, to learn and start using this knowledge as soon as they’re ready.

In fact, anybody involved with any of the wellness/healing/spiritual modalities is ideal for this, if it feels right.

I like to think of this as a team effort using specialist knowledge & skills (that anybody can learn at their own pace) to help heal humanity, one beautiful soul at a time.

Would you like to be part of it?

Hold that thought!

First, here’s a short video of me talking more about it.

This will give you the opportunity to gauge my energy and hopefully sense my conviction in this knowledge and process.

Then we’ll get more specific about the actual knowledge (told you it was a long one, you might need to top up your tea 😉) and see if, this is something you wish to have in your skill set…

IMG_7927 copy.jpg

Good to see you're still here 😊!


Lets change up a gear and get into the real nuts & bolts behind this...

How is it possible for abuse to be

written in the numbers?

This the number 1 question I get asked about this stuff (and you’ve probably already asked it in your mind)…

It seems a little hard to comprehend, right?

First of all, let me sum up what numerology is

Each number between 1 – 9 and letter A – Z all carry different individual energies. Although they are not 3 dimensional, they all emit a specific frequency, in other words, they are very real on an energetic level.


Basically, anything that is named or numbered, takes on the vibration of the corresponding numbers and letters.

Drum roll...

Your name & date of birth

are no accident

The total set of characters in your full name and date of birth represent a combination of the energies (vibrations) that make up who you are and what you came to do in this lifetime.

From your main character traits, your abilities, your strengths, your weakness's, how you interact with others, its all encoded in your name and date of birth.

This is why a numerology reading reveals so much about you, all we are doing are decoding the energies which relate to you.

n.b. in the pack I'm throwing in a personal numerology report so you can see what your name and date of birth reveals about you 😊!

Here's the key bit...

The 3 specific numbers which relate to 'the potential for abuse' all carry a vibration linked to vulnerability.

In other words, the corresponding traits around these numbers are generally seen as nice traits. However they give the person a certain amount of vulnerability.

If they have multiples of these numbers in their chart, the vulnerability is magnified and that’s where the potential problem lies!!!

Now, think predator!

We all know that predators go searching for their prey and target people who will be the most vulnerable and easiest to snare.


The people with certain combinations of numbers, emit a vulnerable energy which predators easily pick up on, therefore making them an easier target.  ​

This healing pack is a...

Warning system to highlight those with a

high vulnerability to being abused. 

With some very simple numerology (I'll teach you exactly how to do it), you can very quickly ascertain if a client is in the highly vulnerable category.


All you need is their name and date of birth. 

And of course, with healing professionals always starting with a new client assessment prior to any treatment, they expect to give you their personal details.

From the feedback I have, there is never a problem obtaining these details over the phone/text/email, prior to the appointment if you ask for them.


Hence why you can know if there is a high potential for suffering abuse, before they even walk in the door.

Even if they give you the details in person, once you're familiar with this technology (its easy to learn) you can quickly ascertain in a couple minutes, if they're in the vulnerable category.

If the healing pack warning system indicates they are highly vulnerable to potential for abuse...

You tactfully ask them the question 


During the assessment, maintaining the highest of professional integrity and diplomacy standards, you tactfully ask them directly. Something along the lines of...

Have you ever suffered any trauma or abuse, perhaps in childhood?

You could even prefix it with "You don't have to answer this if you don't want to, but the question is..."


You'll obviously gauge the situation and phrase it whatever way feels the most appropriate and professional.

As the client is in an answering mode as you are asking a series of personal questions, it is very unlikely (based on my experience) that they will not instinctively confirm it if they have suffered some form of abuse.

If you feel there is something underlying but they are having difficulty talking about it, you obviously need to judge the situation and use your diplomacy and interpersonal skills accordingly.

If you get a YES...


If you do discover they have deep seated issues from childhood trauma etc, you've just opened the door, which is a very big step indeed!


It may be something that you can help them with personally (if qualified). Or you can refer/recommend them to an appropriate professional to start the releasing and healing process.

Whatever happens next, you've opened the door for a fellow soul to start the releasing and healing process 🙏.

This has the potential to change a clients life in a very profound way 😊.

You may see a lot of tears and emotions, but as you and I both know, in this type of circumstance, its a good thing as its part of the bodies natural release mechanism.

Let's talk about the other huge benefit!

With the pack, you will also become a mini numerologist 😊.


You'll know a lot about any person just from their date of birth. Their name also contains a lot of info, but just their date of birth will reveal loads of key information.

So what's the advantage, I hear you say...?

By knowing someones date of birth, you can refer to the charts I give you and know the type of personality before you meet them.

This can help you connect very quickly with the client as you already know how they tick.

Let me give you an example...


How I use it with my grandsons 

​The most dominant number in everybody's numerology chart is their life path number.


Its a bit like star signs as there are only 12 life paths, each life path contains your key personality traits for this lifetime.


My 3 grandsons (3 bothers) are as follows;


       Life path 1 ~ The Independent Individual

       Life path 5 ~ The Freedom Loving Adventurer

       Life path 7 ~ The Truth-Seeker

Life path 1, the independent individuals are the strongest personality, they are the loudest of all. They have lots of drive, energy and can be self centred. 


Life path 5 ~ the freedom loving adventurer can't be tied down, they need to get out and do fun stuff. They are social animals and can be pretty persuasive.

Life path 7 ~ the truth seekers are the quiet ones, they love their own company and can happily stay at home. Perfect loners as they are happy to be left alone.

The 1 & 7 are complete opposites, the 1 is loud and everybody knows when he's around. The 7 is very quiet, he can sit in his room all day, happily entertaining himself, you don't know he's there. I only see the 5 when he wants money or food, he just wants to be out with his mates.

If only teachers had this knowledge...

If they were in a school classroom and the teacher asked a question, the 1 would have his hand as high as possible, straining to answer. The 7 would be sinking into his seat praying he doesn't get asked. The 5 would happily answer so he can show off.

Just imagine the advantage a teacher would have with this information!


They could understand each individuals personality and what really makes them tick. They could then communicate much more effectively on the pupils individual level, and get the very best out of them.

Its powerful!

Because I understand my 3 grandsons numbers and personalities, I treat them all accordingly.

The 1 needs to be loud, let off steam and be given a certain amount of attention. The 7 needs to be left to quietly to do his own thing. The 5 needs to be able to go out and about and socialise with his mates.

By allowing them to be themselves in accordance with their instincts, they all thrive and can be themselves. Other people around my family sometimes struggle to get the 3 to regularly cooperate, simply because they treat all 3 the same way, DOH!

Can you see the advantage of having this

specialist knowledge at your fingertips?

If you know in advance the personality type who is coming to see you, you can communicate in their style. You can build rapport very quickly indeed and communicate very effectively, they'll feel like they already know you!

You can also have lots of fun with your friends too 😊, think star signs but with much more personal information at your fingertips.

I guarantee you'll start analysing your friends & family and understand why some are a little bonkers 😉!

Right, I've talked enough!

Let's summarise

I want to get this information out on the streets through people like you, to help heal as many hurting souls as possible.

Plus you'll become a mini numerologist in the bargain (you'll start to understanding why certain people act they way the do, it'll finally make sense 😊).

As you know, I want to leverage all the healing/therapy/counselling networks and get this information put to good use.


Together, we can identify those troubled souls and open the door to the healing they require so their light can shine brightly once again.

I am so keen for you to use and succeed with this groundbreaking technology that I will throw in a 30 minute telephone call with me (see bonuses). 


So, once you've had chance to digest the pack, we'll schedule a call and you can ask me any questions you like.

The first tranche is just £88.00 and you get instant access to all the materials.

Can you see the benefits of using this in your practice? 

Ok, here's the package...

Professional Healing Pack ~ What You Get

    33 Page Step by Step Guide (pdf version)

    6   Instructional Videos

    47 Colour Coded Numerology Charts

  👇  3   Additional Bonuses 

Instant Access


Healing Pack cover.png

Bonus No 1. A Personal Call (1 hour) With Me

I want to make sure you fully understand the pack and process,

once had chance to look through it. We'll schedule a call at your

convenience, where you can ask me any questions and discuss

any aspect you like (value £65.00)

headshot stephen.jpg

Bonus No 2. A Personalised Numerology Report

Find out what your name & date of birth reveals about YOU! 

Discover your unique strengths, inner desires and why you are here

(soul urge) and gain a new insights into who you are (value £14.95).

PR cover.png

Bonus No 3. A Numerology Prosperity Guide

How to attract more prosperity & abundance into your with these

5 simple steps. Take advantage of numerology, I use these steps,

every single day (value? ...judge for yourself!)

Prsoperity guide cover.png

So, are you ready to become a mini-numerologist?


If you're ready to join me and put this simple yet effective technology to good use and make a difference, just hit the buy now button and following the instructions, and you'll have instant access.



Thank you for taking the time to read all the information (you deserve a medal 😉).


With love & blessings

Stephen Kirkbride

P.s. Once you've got the charts, nobody can then ever hide who they really are from you, as you'll have the keys to unlock all their info 😊!


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