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Are you ready to discover the power of numerology...?

"Just Give Me Your Name & Date of Birth And I'll Reveal More About YOU Than Even Your Best Friend Knows!"
“My 29-page educational guide will show you how you can do it too”

Tough plasterer from Doncaster with a lifelong obsession of numbers, starts seeing ghosts 😊!

Hello, I’m Stephen Kirkbride.


Now I’m sure you’ve read many ‘about me’ sections in the past that are written in the third person to add more gravitas and importance.


I won’t be doing any of that, as a straight-talking, proud and friendly Yorkshireman, I’ll talk to you like a friend I’ve just met, if that’s ok with you?

Obviously, I’ve got no idea what you want to know, so I’ll make the assumption that you’re very curious (a nosy git as we’d say round my way 😉) and I’ll give you a ‘warts n all’ chronological version.

Warning! There will be some dirty laundry aired!

Training Suite
Are you ready to learn all about numerology and really know thyself
The training suite provides 45 training videos to teach you the basics of numerology and how to work out your core numbers (life path number, birthday number & name number) along with their corresponding characteristics. Plus a few extra's and a bit of fun 😉. 
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Numerology Reports
Advanced wisdom & guidance to expand your awareness about who you really are and help you navigate life's journey.
All revealed with...  
  • Personal Numerology Report
  • Yearly Numerology Report
Personal numerology report
Yearly numerology report
FREE Numerology Courses
Learn the skills and tools to put the POWER of Numerology into practical use!   
Find out more...  
  • Mini Numerologist Course 
  • Numerology Healing Programme 
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