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'Lockdown' Love ~ 11 Guided Meditations in 11 days (1st ~ 11th April)

During this unusual time on the planet, I want to further enhance all the positive energy and community spirit being displayed, through a series of 11 daily guided meditations. 

Full Meditation Details and Itinerary 


I invite you to join me live in any/all of the 11 meditations (full list/details below) if you feel drawn to them.


I will do them all live via my own Facebook account, if you'd like to join in live, just send me a friend request to:


Each live video will also be added to the YouTube channel  the day that it went live.


Here's a list of the 11 meditations (all based on UK time):


1st April (Wed) ~ 11.00am ~ Friends & Relatives in Spirit

2nd April (Thu) ~ 11.00am ~ Calm Calm Calm

3rd April (Fri) ~ 11.00am ~ In The Future

4th April (Sat) ~ 11.00am ~What Have You Achieved

5th April (Sun) ~ 3.45am ~ Our Children (Links to Worldwide Coordinated Event)

6th April (Mon) ~ 11.00am ~ The Health Service & Others

7th April (Tue) ~ 11.00am ~ Your Pets

8th April (Wed) ~ 11.00am ~ Seeing With New Eyes

9th April (Thu) ~ 11.00am ~ Hearing With New Ears

10th April (Fri) ~ 11.00am ~ A New Normal

11th April (Sat) ~ 11.00am ~ The School & the Teachers

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