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Private Tuition to Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth

As more and more beautiful souls turn to spirituality, I’m getting more requests for regular

ongoing meetings (after doing the initial private consultations) as many individuals want to

be nurtured along the spiritual path and have access to me and my services/guides.


So, I put my thinking cap on and have come up with the idea of a 12-month package in the

form of a private spiritual mentorship/makeover programme.

Working 1 on 1 with me and my guides over a 12 month period, we'll take you through a

series of clearings, activation's and key practises to accelerate your spiritual growth and

raise your vibration as high as we possibly can.


Here's an overview of the programme;


  • Initial Phone/Video Assessment ~ this is for me to takes notes and get to know you                                                                            and understand where you currently are on and your spiritual path. 

  • 2 Day Foundation Session ~ we’ll spend 5 hours together on 2 successive days where you’ll receive a comprehensive spiritual makeover. Using my skills, spirit guides and knowledge, I’ll provide you with the best spiritual foundation that is right for your soul at the time, this will include a series of healing's, clearings and activation's.

  • You’ll also leave with a set of physical tools, recommended dietary supplements and daily spiritual practices to help you build upon the foundation we create. Overnight accommodation will be included in the package, if required.

  • Regular meetings ~ we’ll then meet once a month for 4 hours (so 11 meetings after the 2-day consultation).

  • Coaching call ~ we’ll have a scheduled 1-hour coaching call once a month in-between the monthly meetings.

  • Email access ~ you have unlimited private email access to me.

  • Availability ~ There will only be 11 places in total. I will allow 2 people (a couple/close friends) to share a place.

  • Launch ~ I’m looking to launch this in the second half of 2019.

  • Package ~ I don’t have a price just yet as the package isn’t finalised.


Reserve list - If you’d like to be considered for the private practise, please complete the reserve list details below and I’ll send you the package details for your consideration, once the service is ready to launch, there is no further obligation on your part.


With love & blessings

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12 Month Spiritual Mentorship ~ Reserve List
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