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How can I be of service to YOU (4 options)? 
1. Private Consultations
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I can offer you private consultations from 1 hour, either face to face or via telephone/video in the following 4 services;


  • Numerology Consultations - I’ll go through every aspect of your life and help you make any adjustments to create harmonious vibration in your life and environment

  • Energy Healing – using my guides, we’ll work on removing the negative energy around any physical, emotional or psychological issues troubling you.

  • Spiritual Counselling – if you’re looking to develop spiritually, I’ll use my guides to help clear any blockages and provide divine guidance to enhance your wellbeing and help you evolve along your current path.

  • Past Life Readings – do you wish to know about your past lives? Perhaps understand why certain things keep reoccurring, discover if you’re carrying trauma from a previous life.


Important – you can mix and match any of the above services, how we spend any private consultation time together is entirely up to you, it’s about you getting the maximum benefit from any time you book with me.

2. Numerology & Mediumship Party
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Do you fancy having a bit of spiritual fun and enlightenment with your family and friends?

Just gather your family and friends, put on some drinks and nibbles and I’ll bring the party to you.


I’ll do a talk on the hidden power of numerology and provide everybody with a personal set of numerology reports. Then I’ll switch to the mediumship and using my guides and numerology to tell everybody present about their past lives and any pass on any specific messages from spirit.


After both sections, there will be an opportunity to ask any questions. It will be a very relaxed and fun evening, and everybody will leave with personalised reports and some new knowledge about themselves and their past!    

3. Numerology Business Consultations
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Is everything connected to your business in harmonious alignment with your dream, values and vision for it?


When everything is in natural energetic alignment with your core values and vision, your business should flow effortlessly and be a joy for you.


Considering everything in the universe is energy, this means… your business name, your address, your telephone number, your colours (logo branding) and most importantly your staff, all carry specific energy and have an effect on your business. They’re either in alignment with it or they’re not!


If any elements are not in energetic alignment with your business values and vision, obstacles will occur and the harmonious flow (that every business owner wants) will be interrupted. The most common problem by far, is putting the wrong person in a specific post.

4. Spiritual Counselling Private Practise
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Would you like to work with me on an ongoing basis to nurture and develop your spiritual evolution, awareness and well-being?


In the second half of 2019 I’ll be working privately with a small number of individuals to provide regular ongoing tuition for a year at a time.


During the years programme, we’ll spend a lot of time together at period intervals, where my guides and myself will work intensely on and with you, to skyrocket your vibration and spiritual well-being.

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