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Relationship Compatibility Reports
Would you like more Love, Joy and Romance in your relationship?

What You Get with a Personalised Relationship Report

Get Your Own ~ Relationship Compatibility Report 

This is the numerological equivalent of the book “Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus” which is brilliant book by the way, for helping couples really understand each other and connect at a deeper level.


What the relationship report does is look at your energetic compatibility as a couple by observing the interaction of you and your partners numerology in key relationship areas. From first impressions to how you get along emotionally and sexually with each other, it’s all covered.


Its not meant as a make or break report (although that may be the outcome, depending on your intentions with the report), it is meant as a tool to broaden your understanding of each other for the purpose of enhancing your relationship.


Relationships, of course, are ever changing. They shift and evolve as the individuals in the relationship grow and get to know one another on a deeper level.


No matter how good a relationship becomes, it can get even better when the two people learn to accept and love each other just as they are.


The report can help you gain some of that understanding by clarifying your personal characteristics and motivations. It will give you a picture of the kind of individuals you are and, at the same time, explore the dynamics involved in your relationship.


As you read it, you may find that you’ve already addressed some of the areas mentioned here. On the other hand, particularly if this is a new relationship, some of the issues discussed may not yet have come to your attention. In general, though, you’ll find that most of the reports focuses directly on many subjects of current significance in your lives.


How do I create your yearly report?


I teamed up with the late Matthew Oliver Goodwin, a renowned and brilliant numerologist who devised an advanced integrated system, to create beautiful, high quality and accurate reports. As my time is limited doing personal one-to-one readings, this system allows me to create high quality reports and deliver them within a day or two, to anywhere in the world via digital means. 

Here’s what your relationship report will reveal about you both as individuals and as a couple;


  • Your first impressions


  • How the 2 of you get along with other people and each other.


  • Your sociability


  • Your relationships with parents, children and other relatives


  • How the 2 of you get along emotionally and sexually


  • Your ability to communicate


  • Your ability to give love and affection


  • Your physical compatibility


  • How you both deal with money, business and possessions


  • Your capability in the business world and your ability to earn a living


  • Your mutual ambitions


  • How the opportunities and influences in the next 12 months will affect your lives together


  • What you can both expect from this relationship

Would you like to see a sample report?

To give you a sample of how the report looks and how the information is presented, just click on the link below and you can view my own personal report.

Relationship Compatibility Report for Stephen William Kirkbride

wanna see mine
Order your own ~ relationship compatibility report for £19.95
Yearly numerology report

Are You Ready to Bring More Love, Joy & Romance into Your Relationship?




  • Understand your relationship and your partner on a really deep level.

  • Discover what really makes them tick and act the way they do.

  • Find out how you can bring more emotional fulfilment into your relationship.

  • Take the fun and joy in your relationship to a whole new level with a deeper mutual understanding (hopefully your partner will be just as eager too!).

Multi-Report Discounts


If you would also like to purchase either a personal numerology report or a yearly report (or both) with your relationship compatibility  report, I’ll do you a discount as follows…

  •  Any 2 reports for £24.00 (a discount of £5.90/£10.90)

  •  All 3 reports for £29.00 (a discount of £20.85)

  •  Couples set of 5 reports for £38.00 (a discount of £20.85) 

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