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Is your business in harmonious alignment with YOU?
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Numerology/Feng Shui Business Consultations


This service is simply about checking/adjusting the vibrational alignment of the key

elements within your business to create as much natural harmony as possible, so

business flows freely to you.

As everything is energy, if the key elements of your business are not aligned with 

you/your team’s personal vibrations and vision/objectives, you’ll probably find things

aren’t quite going as well as you’d like.

Stage 1. Its start with your people;

If you’re a sole trader, it’s all about your personal vibration and your vision/objective for

your business.

If you’re in a partnership or part of a management team/board, it’s all about the

combined vibrational patterns of the partners/team and your vision/objective

for the business. It needs to be congruent.

Once this is established, its acts as a foundation on which we construct the key

elements of the business making sure they are also in vibrational alignment.

Stage 2. The key elements; what are they?

Key elements are everything that interacts with the buyer/user of your service/product. The main ones are;

People (management team) – are the right people in the right roles, so everybody has a role in alignment with their natural strengths/vibrations (get this wrong and you’ll always have internal tension)?

People (employees) – most important as each person has an individual vibration with a natural skill set, are they doing the right tasks that match their natural vibration/natural skill set (this is so often out of sync)?

Business name – Is it in vibrational alignment with you/your team and the business vision/objective?

Logo – Are the company colours in harmonious alignment (colours are just energetic vibration)?

Telephone number – Does it numerologically/vibrationally match what the business does?

Office Address/Number – Does it align (very easy to change without physically changing the number)?

Plans/Launches – are the dates for any launches/expansions/announcements in alignment?

Feng shui – is the office/business layout conducive to positive flowing energy (can make a huge difference to how both staff and customers feel)?

What does a business consultation contain;

  • An assessment of the businesses visions, plans and objectives to understand what you are trying to achieve,

  • A personal evaluation of each business owner/partner/management team to establish individual numbers, strengths and vibration.

  • A personal evaluation of staff (up to 10 members) to establish individual numbers, strengths and vibrations. You will get a very good understanding of their underlying strengths and personalities.

  • Evaluation of your current business name.

  • Evaluation of business colours/logo/promotional materials.

  • Evaluation of the key numbers in the business (phone numbers, office number etc).

  • Reveal best days/dates to do specific tasks.

  • Lucky days for launches, promotions, meetings.

  • Which number hotel rooms to stay in on business trips etc.

  • Any precautions you need to be aware of.

  • Harmonious numbers/names to look for, if you’re looking to recruit.

  • Feng Shui evaluation of the working environment.


Business Package

What you receive is the following;

  • Full evaluation of the business with recommendations.

  • Feng Shui evaluation with recommendations.

  • An advanced personalised numerology report for each owner/partner/management team, important that you all see each other’s. These are 13 – 15 page written reports for you to keep  ~ valued at £14.95 each.

  • An advanced personalised numerology report for each member of staff (for up to 10 staff) for you to understand and share with your staff.  ~ valued at £14.95 each

  • An educational guide to numerology so you can use it to advantage in the future ~ valued at £29.99

  • Prosperity bonus – “How to Attract Money with Numerology” ~ priceless (get everybody connecting with your business using and thinking this way!).

  • A follow up call to help you implement the recommendations and tweak as required.


Consultation Fees

Basic fee is £497.00 for up to 10 staff (excluding owners/partners/management).

Over 10 staff, price available on request.

Travel expenses - if your location is situated outside a 77-mile radius of Doncaster, there will be an additional fee (based on 0.50p per mile) to cover travel expenses plus hotel fees if an overnight stay is required.



Other info

Duration – typically 3 hours, dependent on the number of questions asked.

Location – your business office/premises (very important)

Availability – generally Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays daytime between 10am – 4pm.

Who attends – All owners/partners/management team are welcome, its entirely up to you.

Preparation - we’ll require everybody’s full name and date of birth in advance to prepare the personalised reports.


In summary


My initial aim is to fully understand your business and your vision/objectives for it. Then I’ll carry out a detailed assessment of all your key elements and working environment. 


Finally, I’ll provide you with a complete business evaluation along with a list of recommendations to help you create harmonious vibrational alignment throughout your business. I'll also do a follow up with you and tweak as necessary to get the maximum impact.

If you would like to book a business consultation, please complete and submit the form below, I look forward to hearing from you.

With warmest wishes


Business Consultation Request
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