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Further Numerology Resources for You...

Thank you for coming to see us, here's a couple of useful guides and the offer of some discounted advanced personal readings if you would like to know thyself on a deeper level.   

With love & blessings,

Stephen & David

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1. Numerology Educational Guide

Grab your copy of our detailed 29-page numerology educational guide.


This will give you a broader understanding of numerology and really help you to know

thyself at a deeper level.

Using the various charts, you can effectively become a mini numerologist and have 

some fun with your friends & family and realise why they act the way they do 😊.


Just click here or on the image for immediate access, we sincerely hope you get lots of value from it.


29 Pager cover.png
2. Prosperity Bonus Guide

Are you ready to attract more money into your life?


These 5 simple steps (will take you minutes) and corresponding mindset around money

will help you attract more abundance into your life.

Myself and David practise these steps, if you see us at shows, feel free to put us on the spot and ask to see our wallets and phones to prove we're using them.


Feel free to pass this on to your friends & family but only if you want them to have more abundance 😉.


Click here or on the image for immediate access, we sincerely hope you implement these steps as soon as possible and start receiving lots more abundance.


Prsoperity guide cover.png
3. Discounted ~ Advanced Personal Reports (our show offer)

If you would like to go deeper and have us create some advanced personal reports for you, we'll create them at a discounted price under our show offer, which is extended to everyone who has a show reading with us or comes to one of our talks.

Click on each title below to see the full details of what you get which each one, plus you can view my own set of personal reports as real samples:

           Personalised Numerology Report

           Yearly Numerology Report

           Relationship Compatibility Report


The show offer prices are as follows;


           Any 1 (of the 3) report for £10.00

           Any 2 reports for £15.00

           All 3 reports for £20.00


If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please complete the form with your personal details (step 1) and then send us the appropriate payment through the payment button below (step 2) and we'll create them for you.

Here are the guidance notes to help you fill in your details but don't worry if you're not sure, just enter what you think is correct and we'll double check via email before creating them for you if there's any doubt.

Step 1.

Select which of the reports you require (tick all that apply):

Enter your personal details;

Your full birth name:

Your current name:

Your date of birth:

Enter partners details (if you require a relationship compatibility report);

Partners full birth name:

Partners current name:

Partners date of birth:

Enter email (this is where we'll send the reports):

Thanks for submitting details, please proceed to the payment step below..

Personal numerology report
Yearly numerology report
Relationship compatibility report

Step 2.

Please make the appropriate payment from the dropdown options below;

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